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General Crane Rental LLC is a leading Ohio crane rental company. We have a massive inventory of cranes and lifting equipment including truck cranes, boom trucks, carry deck cranes, and more. As a result, we can get you the equipment you need for virtually any project. Furthermore, General Crane ranks among the largest and most diverse inventories for state-of-the-art cranes in the Midwest. 

When you rent with General Crane, you also receive quick and efficient trucking services with our fleet of heavy hauling equipment. With our Peterbilt tractors, lowboys, service trucks and flatbeds, we can safely and reliably transport our inventory of rough terrain and crawler cranes. Our customers also receive the convenience of direct shipment to desired locations for their projects.

General Crane is entirely committed to providing impeccable customer service. With an inventory of modern equipment and years of experience, we maintain professionalism, safety and cost-efficiency with all our services.

Crane Rental Inventory

Truck Crane Rental | Crane Truck Rental

These cranes sit directly on top of the truck, so they are a crucial tool for applications involving long-distance travel. Truck cranes can move at high speeds for easier traversal between job sites. If your application needs higher mobility and efficiency, truck cranes are perfect for you.

Furthermore, truck cranes are uniquely versatile and are ideal for applications such as the construction of electrical lines, trimming trees, freight transportation and bridge construction

Rough Terrain Cranes

Rough terrain cranes offer incredible control and maneuverability over particularly rough, off-road areas. Their design consists of four, large rubber tires, which significantly increase stability over rough terrain. Thus, rough terrain cranes are ideal for many construction applications. Standard truck cranes are incapable of traversing these areas, so rough-terrain cranes are more often applied.

All-Terrain Cranes

All-terrain cranes share the abilities of both rough terrain cranes and truck cranes. When your application requires traversal over public roads as well as rough terrain, all-terrain cranes are the ideal option. These cranes also have more tires for increased stability. Renting all-terrain cranes from General Crane means you receive the swiftness of truck cranes and the off-road maneuverability of rough-terrain cranes.

Crawler Cranes

The name “crawler crane” stems from their use of tracks to maneuver through construction sites. These tracks are aptly named “crawlers.” Crawler cranes specialize in traveling over a wide variety of surfaces excluding softer soils. They can also travel while carrying heavier loads. However, they are incredibly heavy and move markedly slower than other cranes. Therefore, they are incapable of transporting themselves between sites and require specialized equipment for shipment.

Boom Trucks

Boom trucks are particularly unique hydraulic cranes, as they lift workers up to heights where they can complete their construction work. It also assists construction workers with lifting heavy, unwieldy objects from ground level to elevated locations. Boom truck applications include power line maintenance, tree trimming, bridge construction and window washing. They also have flatbeds for the transportation of equipment and other important items between work sites. Additionally, boom trucks are capable of traveling at highway speeds, so you can more effectively complete jobs and maintain efficiency.

Carry Deck Crane Rental

Carry deck cranes are ideal for applications requiring low-profile, compact equipment. They are capable of moving through tight spaces with ease while also clearing overhead obstacles. Furthermore, they can move heavy loads over short distances, allowing them to move materials while traversing tight spaces inaccessible to other cranes and machinery.

If you are looking for crane rental services in Ohio, contact General Crane Rental today!