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Offers to ability to to lift workers to heights where they can complete construction work

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Boom trucks are distinct from other hydraulic cranes in that they are designed to lift workers to heights where they can complete construction work. It also helps workers lift heavier and more unwieldy objects from the ground to the elevated location.

Boom trucks are ideal for construction and maintenance operations, including tree trimming, power line maintenance, window washing, and bridge construction. In addition to their application versatility, boom trucks also have flatbeds for transporting equipment and other items to and from each work site. General Crane boom trucks can travel at highway speeds, so you can finish jobs at a rapid rate and maintain optimal efficiency.

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Finding the Best Boom Truck Crane

A boom truck crane is different from a crawler crane in that it is typically smaller and is designed to lift heavier loads. Boom trucks are ideal on work sites that require more driving and transportation, as they drive like regular trucks and can be easily maneuvered. This is different from a crawler crane, for example, because crawler cranes are slow, heavy, and cannot be driven on regular roads.

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A boom truck crane also does not require a counterweight or outrigger to remain stable. Some boom truck rental options are also equipped with a loading basket that lifts maintenance workers to inaccessible places, such as power lines.

A boom truck rental is fixed with a long arm that stretches into the sky, just like other types of crane rentals. The “arm” of the truck is called a boom, and is the distinct feature on cranes and boom truck cranes that differentiates them from other types of equipment. The crane boom is a long fixed or hydraulic arm that moves large objects in construction or maintenance work. Because the boom truck crane arm has to move heavy loads, it needs to bear the most weight. It also needs to have a long width to extend the boom truck crane’s maximum reach.

Defining Boom Truck Rental | Features and Versatility

As mentioned, a boom truck crane differs from other cranes in that it is smaller, more mobile, and can access hard-to-reach areas. The boom truck crane is essentially a commercial truck with a hydraulic crane attached to its chassis. Within this structure comes different variations of the boom truck crane which allows workers to find the design that fits best for their project.

Because a boom truck crane is part of a standard truck, the driver can operate the boom from the front in certain styles. There is also the option for fifth-wheel tractors that have a boom mounted on the back. Sometimes the boom lift faces the front of the vehicle while the machine sits in the back, which alters how you operate the boom rental near me. Here at General Crane, we are happy to discuss our boom truck crane inventory and help you find the best fit for your jobsite.

Boom Truck Crane Types | Boom Rental Near Me

There are two common types of boom truck crane styles that differ depending on the project. Telescopic booms have high horizontal reach and are aerial work platforms. The name “telescopic” refers to the boom truck crane’s operation, as the boom sections extend “telescopically.” This type of boom rental is also called “stick” booms because it has a straight appearance.

The telescopic boom truck rental offers greater horizontal reach than any other type of aerial platform, which makes it ideal for areas that have limited access such as road building, painting, bridge work, and more. The telescopic boom truck rental would be ideal if you need maximum height and reach, or you have a rugged worksite. This boom truck crane comes with four-wheel drive which means you will maintain maximum stability while moving the truck around.

The other type of boom truck crane is an articulating boom. An articulating boom rental near me is an aerial work platform with multiple boom sections that “articulate.” This allows the operator to gain access to hard-to-reach work areas, such as a crowded construction site. Sometimes, the articulating boom truck crane is also called “up-and-over booms.”

The articulating boom truck rental is great for projects that require you to reach over obstacles because they provide increased versatility to reach in and around a worksite. In addition, this boom rental near me is also great for working indoors, and it can travel over rough terrain like the telescopic boom truck.

The boom truck crane, no matter the style you choose, is extremely versatile and will increase productivity on your worksite.

Boom Truck Rental from General Crane

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General Crane is pleased to offer reliable boom rental near me. We are based in Macedonia, Ohio, and offer top boom truck rental and crane rental with customer service as our top priority. We maintain an OSHA-certified fleet of cranes and boom truck cranes that allow customers to get the job done fast, safely, and efficiently. In addition to boom rental, our other crane rentals include:

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We also have experience in buying and selling new or used equipment. Our team is here to help you find the perfect boom truck rental and optimize your workplace for the greatest efficiency.